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Charity Video Producer

New Team Members

  It’s been a great six months at Kartoffel Films, not only have we moved…

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healthcare animation

Healthcare Animation Videos

Animation films are an incredibly effective way of communicating complex concepts in an understandable way. This…

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storytelling films

Animation Storytelling Films

Creating an emotional connection with your audience is not exclusive to live action. Through animation…

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New Work – Stop Motion

We are very proud of all the work we do here at Kartoffel Films but…

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meet the team video example

Meet the team video examples

Meet the team videos are great windows into your organisation and help your audience get…

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Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.23.35

Science in Video, Video in Science

The aim of science communication is to spread information about science-related topics to people who…

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virtual reality benefits

Virtual Reality Benefits

Virtual Reality videos have a lot to offer charities. Through immersing your audience in VR,…

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healthcare animation

Healthcare Animation Video Examples

Healthcare animation videos break complex concepts down into understandable parts. They are also a medium…

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Another Great Coffee Morning

Every Year the Kartoffel Films team stuff our bellies full of coffee and cake and as…

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animation styles

The Top Five Animation Styles

Animation can offer limitless potential for your message. Every detail you see on screen can…

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