Benefits of a Meet the Team Video

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

With the growing importance and effectiveness of video to your organisation, it can be hard to know what to focus on. The combinations are endless, yet not all videos offer the same return on investment. You need to select carefully what focus your video should have. One video you should consider is a ‘Meet the Team’ video. A meet the team video can be a powerful tool for awareness, credibility and recruitment.

Use video production to bring your organisation to life

Being able to bring your organisation to life through introducing the people involved can have a powerful effect on your audience. By introducing and highlighting the human element of your organisation you help audiences connect to your organisation and help them see beyond the products and the services you offer. This is your chance to show your organisation’s passion, and unique character. A Meet the Team video shows viewers that you are more than your name, brand, or services/products; it shows you are also a team of people.

Team video builds trust and credibility

Showing your organisation’s team to your audiences, creates a personal connection that the audience can trust. You’re no longer a faceless entity, but a team of people which makes it much easier to build trust. By showing the human faces to your organisation, you also build credibility and accountability with your viewers. Additionally by showing the qualified individuals that work in your organisation, you also show your organisation’s expertise. This can help you connect to your audience, create loyalty and give you a great ROI.


A Meet the Team video allows you to show potential candidates what it is truly like to work for your organisation. They get to hear about your organisation from the people who work there, and make a difference there. This can have a real impact. Additionally through a meet the team video, potential candidates can get an idea of your organisation’s culture. This allows them to get a feel for their potential colleagues, how they work and then they can begin to imagine themselves in your organisation’s environment. In this way you will attract candidates who are already fans of your organisation’s culture and people so you are more likely to hire someone who will be happy at your organisation and stay longer.

A Meet the Team video, is your opportunity to bring your organisation to life in a tangible and connectable way. This can help you connect to your audience, create loyalty and attract worthwhile candidates. A Meet the Team video can have many uses and gives you a great ROI.

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