Meet the team video examples

Meet the team videos are great windows into your organisation and help your audience get to know your organisation better. Video can bring your organisation to life in a tangible and engaging way. This has many benefits ranging from building trust to recruiting the right candidates. It’s important that your meet the team video match your organisation’s brand values and unique culture.

Here are some great meet the team video examples that do just that:

Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital

Made up of bloopers, this meet the team video shows how much their employees love what they do. This video allows each employee to be themselves, and gives an authentic glimpse into what work is like at this hospital. When people are happy where they work it motivates you to want to support that organisation and potentially work there yourself.


This video showcases both the employees (the doodlers) and the work they do (the doodles). By coupling the team with the work they produce, the audience is able to truly see the team’s passion. Moreover by glimpsing into the behind the scenes action of Google doodles the audience gets to understand more about Google, how doodles come into existence and how Google uses this team’s work to reach out to inspire children.


Charity: Water

This video not only introduces the employees behind their tech team, but it gives you an understanding of what it is they do. This transparency helps the audience connect to the team and also to the work they do and why it is important. Each person in this video is unscripted, and genuine. They were allowed to be themselves on film, which makes the film feel authentic and genuine.

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