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storytelling films

Examples of Animation Storytelling Films

When you use storytelling in your animation film, you create engaging and impactful content. Animation…

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animation guide

Animation Guide – Step by Step

When it comes to video production there are two principal categories – live action and…

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charity animation

Charity Animation Examples

Charity animation videos can be attention-grabbing, informative and engaging. This makes animation an effective tool for…

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charity video production

Charity Video Production and Animation

  The value of video to your charity cannot be understated. Currently over 60% of…

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we moved

We’ve Moved!

Kartoffel Films has a new home! We’ve moved! We are now based at Containerville, in…

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virtual reality charity

Virtual Reality Charity Video Examples

Virtual reality charity videos can be an effective way to engage your audience in the…

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virtual reality charity

Virtual Reality Charity Videos

When it comes to what’s next and big in video marketing, virtual reality is the…

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camera interview

On Camera Interview Tips

  Anytime you’re being interviewed whether its for a job or a newspaper, the thought…

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we're hiring

We’re Hiring! Editor and Camera Operator

We are Kartoffel Films, a small but fast growing media production company based in London….

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video production

Potatoes: Why we love them, and why you should too!

As some of you may already know Kartoffel is german for potato.  Some of you…

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