CSR Policy

Here at Kartoffel Films we care about more than making great film, we care a great deal about the greater impact we make. This means that we choose to make the most positive impact we can at every step of the video production making process. We believe that whatever we do we have a responsibility to the society and world we live in.

This CSR policy confirms and elaborates on our commitment to:

  • invest in our employees
  • reduce our environmental impact
  • support our community

Our Employees

Kartoffel Films is an equal opportunity employer, and positively encourages applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, or pregnancy.

We believe in fairly compensating our employees and supporting them which is why Kartoffel Films pays each of our employees the London Living Wage. The Living Wage Foundation was created to encourage employers to fairly compensate their workers with the base salary they need to live in respective areas of the country. Find out more here: http://www.livingwage.org.uk/

Our Environmental Impact

We are resolutely mindful that what we are doing has an impact on the world and we want that impact to be a positive one. So we make all attempts to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our office recycles whenever possible, and buys recycled products (either made of recycled materials or second-hand) whenever practical.

Travel is the nature of the business, but whenever practical we use public transit to minimise our carbon footprint.

Our Community

Kartoffel Films believes in contributing back into the community and supporting community projects.

Having worked with many charities, such as Macmillan Cancer Support, Bliss, AgeUK, and many more, we know how difficult it can be for charities to make videos. This is why we work on a discounted basis for all charities (15% discount), ensuring that charities are able to get the most value for their cause.

We also support local community projects by volunteering our time and services so that smaller charities can have access to the benefits of video.