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    05.02.2022 By Eoin

    Why Are we Called Kartoffel?

    We keep being asked this. When we founded the company we had a long think on names, it’s important to get this right, it might be with you for a while. Many other production companies at the time were called things like “Industrial Light and Magic” or “Focus” … something or “Lens” … something, “Laser ... Read more

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    Why Are we Called Kartoffel?

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    Merry Christmas From Kartoffel Films

    As we wrap up another epic year, we’re sending a sleigh-load of holiday vibes to

    The Power of Diversity in the Video Production Sector

    The video production sector, ever-evolving and dynamic, thrives on innovation, creativity, and the ability to capture

    Case Study: Creative Partnership with St. George’s University

    Kartoffel Films takes immense pride in its long-standing creative partnership with St. George’s University, a

    Kartoffel Films Plants Trees for a Greener Future by supporting The Trillion Trees Project

    In today’s rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever for businesses to take

    What Makes an Awesome Video Producer

    Below are some of the things a video producer does in the course of video

    What’s New For Kartoffel Films in 2022

    We aren’t far off halfway through 2022, crazy isn’t it! We felt now would be

    Why is CSR Video So Important for a Company After COP26?

    The five warmest years since records began have occurred since 2015, unless we heed the

    Why Are we Called Kartoffel?

    We keep being asked this. When we founded the company we had a long think

    The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Video to an Agency

    Just like any other aspect of an effective content marketing strategy, video content production requires

    Sustainable Video Production

    At Kartoffel Films, we’re passionate about making a positive impact through our work. That’s why

    Why You Should Use Kartoffel For Your Videos

    There’s a wealth of video production companies out there when it comes to choosing the

    Our New London Video Studio

    It’s been quite a year and more for all of us. As a company, we

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