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    05.02.2022 By Eoin

    Why Are we Called Kartoffel?

    We keep being asked this. When we founded the company we had a long think on names, it’s important to get this right, it might be with you for a while. Many other production companies at the time were called things like “Industrial Light and Magic” or “Focus” … something or “Lens” … something, “Laser ... Read more

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    Why Are we Called Kartoffel?

    Articles / Video Production

    The Revolution Is here – AI and Video Production

    Some revolutions happen in weeks, some years, and some overturn the status quo and some

    What Makes an Awesome Video Producer

    Below are some of the things a video producer does in the course of video

    Enrich Your Marketing Strategy with Snackable Video

    Snackable videos are bite-sized pieces of digital content that are easy to consume, digest, and

    What Are The Roles on A Video Production

    A video production is a collaborative effort that requires a talented and dedicated team of

    Virtual Reality (VR) in Video Production

    Virtual Reality (VR) video production is poised to transform the way we experience and consume

    Being Flexible in 2023 – what it means in video production

    The Art of Adaptability:  How Video Production Companies Can Meet the Demands of Their Clients

    Interactive Video For Your Video Marketing

     Interactive videos are a game changer for video marketing, offering brands a way to

    The Art of Crafting a Compelling Script

    In the world of video production, the script is the backbone of the entire project.

    How to Brief Your Video Production Company

    Briefing a video production company is crucial in ensuring that the final product meets your

    How to Write a Great Video Production Script

    Putting pen to paper is no mean feat when writing an effective video production script.

    Using Inclusive Language in Your Video Script

    The script is perhaps the most important component of a video. Without a script, your

    Let’s Talk About Location…

    Location shooting occurs when you shoot anything in a real-world setting as opposed to in

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