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    05.02.2022 By Eoin

    Why Are we Called Kartoffel?

    We keep being asked this. When we founded the company we had a long think on names, it’s important to get this right, it might be with you for a while. Many other production companies at the time were called things like “Industrial Light and Magic” or “Focus” … something or “Lens” … something, “Laser ... Read more

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    Why Are we Called Kartoffel?

    Articles / Video Marketing

    Making a Corporate Profile Video

    Corporate videos are not viewed as the most exciting concept in the world. But when

    Create an Emotional Connection

    These days it seems like we’re being inundated with video, which isn’t surprising considering that

    Making a Charity Volunteer Recruitment Video

    Part of having a successful charity is having the right people involved with it.

    Why You Don’t Want a Viral Video

    It seems that everyone wants the next viral video, who wouldn’t want millions to see

    Showcase an Education Programme

    Using videos in education recruitment can be a powerful tool not only to attract students

    Storytelling and Your Video

    Storytelling isn’t just for children’s bedtimes. Storytelling can bring you video to life in the

    The Case for Filming Lectures

    Filming Lectures – Educational Video Production Filming your lectures and not decreasing class attendance are

    Video Accessibility – Online Video Production

    Guess what! Of your prospective audience in the UK 370 000 will not be able

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