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    05.02.2022 By Eoin

    Why Are we Called Kartoffel?

    We keep being asked this. When we founded the company we had a long think on names, it’s important to get this right, it might be with you for a while. Many other production companies at the time were called things like “Industrial Light and Magic” or “Focus” … something or “Lens” … something, “Laser ... Read more

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    Why Are we Called Kartoffel?

    Articles / Video Marketing

    Being Flexible in 2023 – what it means in video production

    The Art of Adaptability:  How Video Production Companies Can Meet the Demands of Their Clients

    Interactive Video For Your Video Marketing

     Interactive videos are a game changer for video marketing, offering brands a way to

    How To Develop a Great Video Concept

    Video production is a complex and multifaceted process that requires careful planning and attention to

    Create a Great Meet The Team Film

    Creating a “Meet the Team” video can be a great way for a company to

    Using Video to Showcase your ESG

    ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It refers to a set of criteria used

    8 Innovative Tech Video Marketing Trends for 2023

    As a tech company, driven by innovation, it’s vital that your marketing reflects this aspect

    Make Your Call To Action Work

    Want to know how to make the ideal call to action for your business’s video

    Brand Archetypes – The Ultimate Video Guide To The 12

    Many of us wander through life contemplating who we are and what our purpose is

    Why Video Didn’t Kill the Radio Star

    Before the 1980s, radio was the undisputed king of media. Everyone owned a radio and

    Using Inclusive Language in Your Video Script

    The script is perhaps the most important component of a video. Without a script, your

    Introducing Your Startup Through Video

    Want to get people excited about your new startup? There is no better way to

    Set Your SMART Video Marketing Goals

    Setting fluid video marketing goals is easy, achieving them on the other hand, isn’t quite

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