Healthcare Video Production

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

At Kartoffel Films we have a huge amount of experience in producing videos for healthcare and also health related personal stories.

One of our clients, Macmillan Cancer Support, was so happy with our healthcare video production for them that they recently blogged about it.

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Medical content, especially those involving personal stories, are a challenging video production to undertake.

It requires both knowledge of the subject matter, experienced crews who are sensitive to the needs of the people involved and who are also able to shoot in difficult situations.

Often the subject matter can even be upsetting to talk about, which makes interviewing for these pieces quite a skilled undertaking.

At Kartoffel Films when we engage a shoot we always ensure the crew on set are both highly skilled, knowledgeable of the subject matter and also just lovely to work with.

We are very conscious that the shoot is as much about the interviewee having a positive experience, as it is about getting the content itself.

Beforehand we will always talk through the process with the interviewee and really put them at ease.

Above is one of our recent productions for Macmillan Cancer Support’s medical information.

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