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Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

1 MIllions Views and no ROI – Video Analytics

Video is an awesome tool for wooing your customers and driving sales and leads to your business. There is little out there in terms of marketing tools that has the same reach and potential. There is nothing out there that’s so capable of telling a story and putting a face on your company.

But as with all strategies you need measures. As the years have gone by, and video has become more established in online use, the quantity and quality of the measures available have increased.

They have also moved from just simple observational and somewhat inane metrics ( how many views has your video got ) to much more qualitative ones. In the end it’s not how many people watched your video, it’s who, it’s for how long, where, when, why…

A targeted video with 100 views that brings ROI back to your company is worth so much more than the whole population of Turkmenistan watching your video, unless of course that’s what you were aiming for.

We can now see how people use the video, we can measure the effect of the entire video and its content. Our first advice to anybody looking to use video is get it on your site if you want to drive people to your site. Youtube and Vimeo have some social media potential, which is fantastic, but it’s a separate strategy. Onsite video also means you have more control over the metrics.

We recommend a host costing provider called Wistia. One of the nice aspect of Wistia is that it allows you to see how people are interacting with your videos. It allows you to see which parts of the video are holding more attention. This can be invaluable and may guide your strategy to improve and tailor your video content.

You can even trace back view to IP addresses so of you are trying to reach a very specific group of people in an organisation you can potentially see not only if they watched the video but if they watched it the whole way through, if they repeated certain sections and so forth.

Once integrated with Google analytics you can see how people interact with your site once they have watched your film.

If your video is engaging to your audience you will often find that your users will post links back to your site and specifically the video. This will also add value to your SEO strategy. Having video on a given page, if indexed by Google, will increase its value in search engines quite substantially and is very easily measured.

In the end the key ROI measure is whatever you set. If that is sales or donations to your organisation, having the video on site will allow you to see the results very quickly in donations and new business.

As a part of Kartoffel Films services we offer an after sales package giving you advice on the various facets of making your video strategy work to return real value to your organisation.

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