Charity Video Production – Animation

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Here in the UK, we may have dreadful weather, we may have leaves on the rail tracks way too often and we have not won the Eurovision…again. There’s plenty to moan about if you want to, but sometimes it’s good to look at what really matters. That’s when you realise that actually we are really quite blessed in many respects.

The UK for example is one of only a handful countries in the world that has good palliative care well integrated into its healthcare system. The sad truth is that the majority of dying people in the world doesn’t have access to services that would relieve or prevent suffering – in fact only 1 in 10 people in need of palliative care receive it.

Ehospice is an international news and information website and free app that aims to connect those with a personal or professional interest in hospice care across the world. Co-founded by UK charity Help the Hospices, ehospice is revolutionising hospice care globally.

It’s little wonder then that ehospice has just been shortlisted for the prestigious Charity Awards in the ‘Healthcare and Medical Research’ category. An animation to explain what ehospice is was needed, and it was needed fast, so when the phone rang we sprung into action and within a week an animation was devised, scripted, animated and voiceover recorded in time for the awards deadline by our production whizzkids.

As Daft Punk famously said ‘our work is never over’ so we’ll be busy crossing fingers for ehospice on awards night on 12 June.

See the finished charity video production above.

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