Student Recruitment Video Production

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

With soaring tuition fees and stiff competition, recruiting suitable students has never been more important for higher education institutions.

When young people leave home, their parents more often than not have engrained videos of The Young Ones playing through their minds on loop.

The young people in question will often have skins in mind.

You’re not just having to recruit a stud desperate to bolt from his corral but also trying to convince him (or her!) and his very loving parents that your university is a safe and professional place to go that will give them the best possible career options.

But just how do you give prospective students and their parents an impression of what your institution has to offer in such a competitive industry?

Video can be used in the education sector for a variety of purposes from online recruitment to demonstrating research, raising funds and to celebrate the achievements of the university.

Recently we produced a piece for Middlesex University with the aim of promoting the university as a university choice to prospective students and show them the Middlesex way of student life.

With a clear call to action, it leaves viewers in no doubt about what to do next and forms an important part of the university’s recruitment strategies and online promotion.

Kartoffel Films have significant experience in this area and have produced memorable video content with solid return on investment for a number of higher education institutions.

We also offer an aftercare package to all our clients, giving advice on a variety of considerations surrounding video strategies to ensure they get the most from their investment.

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