Filming Lectures – Educational Video Production

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

You can never have too much video in a classroom. Whether they’re are being used as teaching aids or a way to entertain your students during lecture, educational video production has become an integral part of our education system.

Despite all we’ve done with video, there are still some implementations that need to be made. The main one is having lecture courses filmed. Now, I know what you’re thinking, if we film lectures the students won’t ever come to class! A valid point but there ways to ensure classroom attendance (surprise in class quizzes) while tapping into the power of video production!

Filming lectures has many benefits the main one being that you allow the students to take part in their learning across multiple platforms. Take for example if you’re in a business course. Instead of solely lecturing your students about inner workings of company one could allow them to put into practice what their learning via a small in-class project.

By filming the lecture you allow the students to not only see how they operate in this “mock” boardroom but also show them the areas where they can improve. Students then become far more interested in what they’re learning and are able to review the material in a new way for exams later on.

Filming lectures will not only benefit students in the classroom but will allow universities to participate on a global scale. By filming lectures students can access their lecture and course material from any electronic device. This is perfect for the students studying abroad who are unable to take a course only offered at the university or international students who’ve gone home for the summer holiday and want to take summer courses offered at uni. Instead of having to take a course when they return the following semester they can just toon in to the lecture and take tests and other quizzes online. The time has come to start filming lectures, we are living in the digital age and it’s time we took advantage of all it’s resources.

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