Behind the Scenes – Charity Campaign Video

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

When Amnesty International contacted the Kartoffel office in September asking us to produce a charity campaign video for their Write For Rights campaign we were delighted but not completely baffled: we are often contacted by large charity brands to help in their brand communications so in itself this was nothing unusual.

However little did we know of what challenge was to come our way! Luckily we love a good challenge…

From a technical perspective we had to simulate somebody writing on a desk but from the perspective of the letter. The writing had to be in multiple languages. Simultaneously, existing archive footage had to be projected on the actor’s face and also background and tie in with the words being written.

amnesty international


From a concept point of view, the piece had to appeal to several markets across demographics and languages. And all in a 2.5 week turnaround from concept to multi language delivery.

How did we do it? Smartly cast, cleverly lit, shot, edited and animated by our very talented team. You can see the results above.

Amnesty International were delighted with the result and we felt pleased, having successfully produced this ambitious project in record time. The MacGyver of video production you say…?


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