Online Video Marketing’s New Darling

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Ever heard a cheesemonger say that cheese tastes crap, is unhealthy and actually doesn’t go with anything you might possibly want to eat or drink with it?

No, we didn’t think so. Point is that if you make a living out of something, you’re likely to be convinced that it surely must be obvious to the world that your product is in fact the bees’ knees.

So we would say that video is brilliant and a pretty amazing marketing tool and all that, but we’re delighted to hear that we now actually have proof. The Financial Channel has just published the results of a report by ContentWise and the Custom Content Council about web content and marketing and can confirm that video is the way to go.

It found that since 2009, the amount of video for content marketing has increased from 37% of North American marketers’ content investment to 52%

A good portion (35%) of North American companies planned to invest more in website content this year, with an even larger percentage (54%) expecting to do so with video.

And they’re not just doing this because they like pretty pictures, or because they’ve got too much money.

But if you’ve ever taken the train at rush hour and seen the amount of people looking at their phones / laptops, or have ever watched my mum try to assemble a simple shelf looking at badly translated Chinese instructions you’ll know: the demand for easily accessible, online video content is huge. The increasing proliferation of mobile devices means that there is growing demand for content. In other words, people increasingly expect video and animation.

It’s no longer unusual to have moving picture content.

What’s becoming unusual is not having it.

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