James New Hire

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director


It’s been a busy year at Kartoffel Films – so busy in fact that publicly welcoming our latest addition to our James here on our website has taken a bit longer and James is a seasoned Kartoffel by now!

James joins us as an editor and camera operator. He learned to know his Alexa from his C500 at film equipment hire company Shift 4 where working for him must have been like a kid in a sweet shop.

Having been thrown right into the deep end by joining us during a very busy summer, there isn’t much that would make James panic. We don’t think he’d be any less calm even at gun point but of course we haven’t tried this yet.

Perhaps the secret lies in his daily chicken and sweet potato lunch recipe, temporarily only interrupted by the weekly Falafel Friday. Come 1:30, James will without fail get up and return from the kitchen with a lunch box the size of a small child, filled to the brim with his signature dish.

Or perhaps it’s the visits to the gym that make him unflappable. Whatever the reason, with James we’ve added a very capable new potato to our team. Just don’t ask him to cook anything else….!

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