Kartoffel Films has moved!

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Kartoffel Films Production Company

We’ve moved!

Kartoffel has up and moved offices. You can find us now in Bermondsey, at the Biscuit Factory. While this lovely converted factory used to make biscuits, it now produces videos (among other things).

The new digs are treating the Kartoffel Film team quite nicely. We’ve traded in the view of the London Eye for a spacious office equipped with a foosball table, table tennis on our new meeting table, and we’re a walk away from go-karting and rock climbing. And we still manage to make films, of course!

We have a healthy dose of competition in the office due to the new foosball table (James is in the lead right now, but that will surely change soon).

Check out some photos of our new home:

While we may have a new office, new furniture, and a new love for foosball, we’re still the same Kartoffel Films and still dedicated to making quality videos, first and foremost.

We’re just starting to explore Bermondsey and see what it’s got to offer, and it’s been a blast so far. If anyone has any suggestions for cool places in the area, give us a shout!

Let us know mash@KartoffelFilms.com

The new office address is:

Kartoffel Films

Unit J311 The Biscuit Factory

100 Clements Road

London SE16 4DG


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