Post Graduate Recruitment Video

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Over the past decade, student enrolment in postgraduate qualifications in the UK has grown significantly. With more and more students choosing to stay in school, there is a growing market for postgraduate student recruitment. But how can your institution appeal to these students? How do you convince them not only to continue their education, but to choose your university? How do you reach these students?

Video can be a great means through which to reach these students and engage with them. A recruitment video allows your institution to connect with students while simultaneously sharing the merits of your institution’s programs. Education video production creates a dialogue that engages and connects applicants to your institution, all without applicants ever leaving their desk. A video is your institution’s opportunity to create a human connection that applicants can trust and commit to.

When it comes to recruiting postgraduate students, attracting top talent is paramount. This can be done through a clear and targeted video that speaks to postgraduate applicants’ needs. These students are more interested in the program details, professional opportunities, and lecturers than undergraduate applicants. Postgraduate students have had their undergraduate experience, and are after further learning – they want their second degree to matter and challenge them. To target them effectively therefore you have to focus on the merits of your program and the prestigious learning they can receive from your institution.

This is where videos excel – they offer applicants a greater insight into your institution than an article, website, or email could. A recruitment video is your opportunity to sell applicants on the benefits of your program and the potential it could offer their future. Students choose to continue their education for a multitude of reasons including passion for the subject material and/or to further their employment opportunities. Thus in order to successfully target these students you must keep these issues in mind. You need to convince them that your school will not only provide them with a great education, but with the support they need to succeed and excel. Education video production can help you do this.

To see these ideas in action watch the video we did for King’s College’s European Public Policy MA.

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