Video SEO

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Thankfully video SEO is not down to halfwit trickery and random content writing rules to fool the Google bots into thinking there is something on your page of value when there may not be. As is often the case with writing content for SEO.

Google cannot or is not able yet to truly index the content of your video. Yes there are elements it can look at; it can index spoken audio (though badly).

There are likely some basic rules (which I will go into) that will help. But on a raw level the only system capable of indexing video is the human brain. Your users brains in fact!

Google is aware of this of course and your users will effectively vote upon your video.

This will be through a mixture of users linking back to your video or page where it is present, comments and votes placed against your video, or your video being embedded on other sites relevant to its perceived content. How many times it has been played and where, its reach.

So rather than approaching video based on some content generation plan why not approach it first from the point of view of your users.

Your audience, Who are they?

Age 50 – 80
Who live in Shoreditch?

If the goal is to inform or educate, ask first how your audience want (or if they want to at all) to be informed or educated.

If you’re going to sell to them. Be aware of their relationship to you. Don’t frame things from your point of view, but take their perspective in the video.

Most fundamentally make video that’s engaging and fun to your users (not just video that’s fun for you to make, which it inherently is).

Don’t make video for the sake of it.

It should have a legitimate point for you, your organisation and principally your users.

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