The Value of Recruitment Videos – Part 1

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Before you can hire the right person for the job, you have to attract the right talent to apply. You want candidates who are qualified, up to the challenges, and will fit within your company’s unique culture. So how do you go about attracting these right candidates? How do you reach out and motivate them to apply? What can you do to convince them your company is the right choice for them?

One solution is with a recruitment video. This gives you the opportunity to not only connect with potential candidates but also to show them what your company is all about.

Why video?

Video is one of the most powerful way to tell stories. It allows you to communicate, inform, engage, and be dynamic all at the same time. A recruitment video allows for candidates to see your company in a way that images and text cannot express. There is a limit to what a few pictures of your offices and a job description can relay. While a video does not have these limitations. A recruitment video has the ability to engage the audience and tell a story.

People are more visual than ever, and a recruitment video is a great way to capitalise on this. Using a recruitment video to give candidates a peek into your company allows them to begin visualising themselves as a part of your team.

Share your company’s culture

A recruitment video is a great way to show candidates what your company is all about. Every company solves a problem and has a purpose. Be genuine and share this purpose with candidates. Embrace who you are as a company and represent this in your recruitment video. In this way you can attract candidates who will fit within your unique company dynamic.

Candidates don’t just want to know what your company does, but they also want to know why you do it. A recruitment video is a great means through which to share your company’s core values. By sharing this with candidates you ensure that you are attracting candidates with similar values who believe in what your company is doing. This ensures that you can hire someone who doesn’t solely have the necessary skills but the right attitude and values to be the right fit for your company.

Show candidates what your company culture is like, and what sort of work environment you foster. Give an authentic glance into your company by sharing your offices, perks, and what makes you unique. Use your recruitment video to take candidates into life at your company.

The above video, produced by Shopify is a great example of a recruitment video that seeks to excite and engage candidates.

All of this gives candidates that extra reason they need to apply, and a better understanding of how they would fit within your company. Recruitment videos can offer much value to companies, and next week we will detail even more benefits of a recruitment video.

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