The Value of Recruitment Videos – Part 2

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Recruitment videos are an optimal way to connect and engage with the right candidates. To hire the right person you need to attract the right talent. This is where recruitment videos can help. To continue off a previous post, Part One, here are some more tips to creating an effective recruitment video.

Meet your employees

A simple way to approach your recruitment video is by talking to your current team about what the company does and why its worth working for. This provides candidates with a genuine and human connection to your company. Through the recruitment video candidates can meet their potential future colleagues, and hear the appeal of working for your company.

People trust their peers, so hearing from your employees can have a significant impact on candidates. Don’t just talk to the CEO though! Make sure that you speak with employees at different levels from different departments. Candidates will benefit from hearing from an employee who is working at the same level as they would be.

Plus speaking with your employees builds your company’s credibility. Candidates don’t have to take your word that your company is a great place to work, they can hear it straight from the people who know.

Career growth

The potential for career growth and advancement are an important consideration for candidates. They want to work somewhere they know will support and reward their hard work. So addressing this point in your recruitment video would be to your advantage. This will give candidates yet another reason to apply to your company.


Informed candidates

One of the greatest benefits of a recruitment video is that it yields informed candidates. Through seeing what your company has to offer, candidates can self-screen and decided whether they would be the right fit for your company. This will save your company application screening time since many of those who might not be the right fit will already have removed themselves.

Also the candidates you do end up interviewing will better understand who your company is and what you do. This will led to candidates with better questions, better interview answers, and candidates who are prepared to fit into your company.

Overall to have a successful recruitment video you want candidates to walk away knowing what your company does and what kind of person you are looking for. If you accomplish this than you will not only attract but also appeal to the right candidates. You want employees who add value to your company and support the same core values. A recruitment video will help you achieve this by attracting the right candidates.

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