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08.02.2012 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director
charity campaign film
charity campaign film

Guess what! Of your prospective audience in the UK 370 000 will not be able to see your gorgeous video.

10 million won’t be able to hear the wonderful audio worked delicacies of your production.

Sorry if your didn’t read that, you might be dyslexic, one of another other 6 million your having trouble reaching. The list does go on and on. Learning disabilities, languages, mobility and epilepsy etc.

Accessibility is an issue hard to ignore, in a commercial sense. It’s not just a matter of personal consideration and adhering to W3C guidelines (which I’ll cover in more detail) it’s a very legitimate business concern.

Ignoring it is also just poor form.

So.. What to do?

Captions provide a means for people with hearing disabilities to get your message.

Audio description aides people with sight related disabilities to hear your message

British Sign Language as above (produced by one of our producers to note in a past role) provides access to people whose primary language is BSL

Other language versions (even just as captions), Urdu speakers for instance numbers 1 million in the UK will help you reach an even wide swathe of user.

Providing an audio transcript of the piece for download will aid learning and hearing.

Being aware of PSE, Photosensitive epilepsy. Excessive flashes in video can cause some people to have epileptic fits. Maybe just don’t shoot photographers, they hate it anyway.

Addressing accessibility is very much in every organisation’s business interests and costs of doing so are actually surprisingly small.

It’s more just a simple matter of approach and awareness.

Get in touch with us we have a great deal of experience in both video production and its application with regard to online accessibility.

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