Making a Charity Fundraising Video

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Creating a video that connects with viewers enough to convince them to part with their hard-earned money can be a daunting task. Yet videos are a great means through which to accomplish this. Videos can draw viewers in and make them feel a part of your charity’s story. They allow your charity to connect with viewers in a personal and emotional way that motivates involvement. But how do you turn this involvement into action that drives fundraising? How do you make a video that not only connects with viewers but also stands out? How do you make a great charity fundraising video?

Focus your message

To start you need to define your key message in a way that your audience will understand and connect with. What are you raising funds for? Why do you need donations? Try to answer these questions in your video to deliver a clear and coherent message to viewers. You want them to finish watching your video knowing exactly what you are asking of them.

Make a fundraising video

That may sound obvious but too often charities try to use videos to serve more than one purpose. If fundraising is the goal then that should be the sole focus of your video. When videos don’t have a focused message then they risk not delivering any clear message at all.

Unfortunately videos are not one-size fits all. Rather to be effective, each video needs to have a clear focus. If you want to raise funds for your charity then, to be successful, that should be the sole focus of your video.

Make them care

To inspire donations you need to inspire your audience to care through your video. When you inspire viewers to care about your cause then this emotion can encourage generosity and ultimately donations. This is very different then an awareness video for example where you would need to increase the knowledge of your cause. Knowing and caring are different emotions that lead to different audience reactions. So once again make sure you are focusing your message on a sole purpose.

Have a clear call to action

You need to ensure that your video tells the audience clearly what it is you want from them and how they can accomplish it. This means you need to have a clear call to action. If you’ve done everything right, viewers will finish your video wanting to donate to your cause. But unless you tell viewers a tangible way to accomplish this, viewers could lose motivation and not donate. So make sure that you accompany your call for donations with easy steps for them to do so. It can be as simple as directing them to the website where you are collecting funds, or giving them a phone number to call.


The key to an effective charity fundraising video is focus and clarity. Be focused in your message and clear in its delivery. You do not want to confuse your viewers. Rather you want your viewers to completely understand what you want from them. Your video needs to be as easy as possible for audiences to connect with ways to donate. While creating a great fundraising video might seem challenging, the effort is well worth it. A great video can engage people in your message by connecting with their emotions, draw them into the story of your charity, and drive fundraising.

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