Making a Charity Awareness Video

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

With so many great causes to support, it is vital to reach out and ensure that people understand your charity and what it does. This is where an awareness video can help. A video allows you to reach out and spread awareness of what it is your charity does. It helps people connect with your charity, your cause and the great work that you do. But how do you accomplish this in a 2-3 minute video? How can you express your charity’s unique character? How do you make an effective charity awareness video?

Define your key message

While there may be a long and interesting story behind your charity, you want to ensure that you are only sharing the details that really matter to your audience. Make sure that your message is one that will connect and matter to the people you are targeting. What do you want to be the focus of your video? Are you creating awareness about your charity? Or your cause? Or another aspect of your charity? The most effective videos are focused and targeted ones, so ensure that you are defining and focusing on a key message.

Tell your story through video production

This is your chance to share the unique character of your charity, and bring to life the story of your charity. Portraying these unique aspects of your charity will make you memorable, and connect you to your audience. Furthermore if you are consistent and true to your charity’s character this will help build your charity’s credibility. Just ensure that you create a clear, logical and coherent narrative. You want your video to be easily understood in order to resonate with your audience.

Share how you make a difference

Tell the audience why you are doing what you are doing, and how you are doing it. Show the impact you charity is having, and how it adds value to lives. Tell viewers why it matters what you do.

Use video production to be sincere

To create a genuine connection with your audience, you need to be sincere and authentic. This is your chance to relay the character of your charity, and to engage with supporters and potential supports on a human level. If you and your team over-analyse and make it formulaic you will lose authenticity and sincerity. Don’t overthink your video or rely on corporate formality. Rather show the human element of your charity to create a connection and engage your audience.

Be different

With so many charities, it is vital that you differentiate yourself. Show why your charity is special, and why there is value in what you do. Think about what best suits your charity’s specific needs. What works for another charity may not necessarily work for yours. So make sure that you take the time to consider what purpose this awareness video would serve and what message you want to deliver. Once you have established these vital aspects, the specifics of your video will be clearer.

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