Engage with an Event Video

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Planning an event is no small task, and involves a lot of hard work. Yet events are a powerful tool for sharing in-person your knowledge, brand and value to your audiences. The effect and return on investment of your event does not have to end in the final moments of your event. You can continue your event’s value through an event video. Commissioning a video of your event is a great way to make sure you get the best ROI that you can. How can you ensure that your video has the right focus? What can you do to make a great event video?

Use event video production to connect with your attendees

An event video is a great tool for engaging with your attendees. Its your way to stay connected with them once the event is over. You can use the event video to remind them of the good time they had, the connections they made and the value your event gave them. This allows you to stay connected and engaged with attendees long after the close of the event.

Increase your audience

Despite your best efforts, not everyone you want to attend your event will. This is where an event video can come to your aide and help you connect with them. Through an event video you can capture the atmosphere and value of your event, which you can then share with people who could not attend. This allows you to reach an audience beyond those that attended the event, and ensure that they feel included and engaged with your organisation. You can further the value of your event through making your event video easily viewable on the internet. This will allow you to extend your audience beyond those you originally targeted. This can help improve your ROI of the event.

Extend your event and its value

As great as your event may be it does have to end, while a video doesn’t. An event video is your way to continue your event long after it finishes. This means that your event can continue to have value with your audiences, and continue to engage with them. An event video helps you communicate your messages long past the end of the event itself.

Through an event video you can capture the atmosphere of your event and share it with your targeted audiences and beyond. It gives people the chance to enjoy or enjoy again the best parts of the event at their own leisure. It also allows you to stay connected to attendees long after the close of the event.

For help making your own event video please contact Kartoffel Films at mash@kartoffelfilms.com