When to Choose Animation

10.06.2015 Animation
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Once you’ve decided to make a video, you are faced with many big choices before you get to the final product. One of the biggest decisions you have to make is what format you want for your video. With so many formats to choose from, it can be difficult to know which format would be the most effective for your video. One format you should consider is animation. Animation videos can be powerful tools for effective communication if employed correctly. So how do you know when animation is the best format for your video? How can you ensure it effectively portrays your message? Why should you choose animation?

Your audience

While animation can be very effective, you need to think carefully about whether it would be appropriate for your target audience. For some audiences animation would be a great form of communication while for others it could detrimental to your message. For example if you video is intended for senior business professionals than animation could prove too informal of a format to use. So be mindful of who your audience is for this video, and the impression you want to make on them.

Animation simplifies complex concepts

When it comes to tackling hard to understand concepts, animation is a powerful tool. Animation is great for explaining or teaching as it allows you to break concepts down into their most understandable parts. Thus making difficult ideas easy for the audience to understand and consume. Through animation’s use of visuals, audio and text it can place difficult concepts in context and make them understandable.

Animation can be of particular use when it comes to explaining medical conditions. It has the ability to clearly illustrate how the disease affects the body, along with how treatments work. For these hard to imagine concepts, animation can be very useful. Animation can frame the concept in a simple and visual way that encourages understanding.

Make it fun

While understanding a video is vital so too is engagement. Animation can bring excitement and interest to any message. With this format being both interesting and different, animation can be a great tool for tackling unexciting subject material. Animation can be much more engaging way to present information than other more commonly used formats.

No limits to animation video production

With live-action video you can be limited by budget or feasibility of your ideas. With animation though these limits do not exist, you do not have to be limited by solely human characters. Even if you want to include unicorns and fire-breathing dragons, animation can do that. Animation allows your video to operate outside the confines of reality and budget. With animation you control everything on screen, which allows for much more control than live action videos. Animation allows you to create the entire world that your video exists within.

Moreover the nature of animation means that it is not limited by language. With a heavy reliance on visuals, animation can be made to deliver its message without language. Alternatively the nature of animation makes it easy to translate into different languages. Making animation universally accessible.

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