How to Write a Video Production Brief

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

So you’ve decided to make a video, but how do you get from your concept to a finished product? This is where video production companies come in, they connect your ideas to a completed video. But before you can hire a video production company you will need to write a video production brief. This is a document video production companies will use to structure their quote. It is your opportunity to communicate your concept, ideas, budget, goals, etc.

Why it is important

A video production brief forces you to focus your video concept down to the most important factors so it can achieve all that you want it to. If you have trouble defining any of these points then maybe you aren’t ready to make your video just yet. Its important to define these aspects before you film so that your finished video is effective enough to accomplish your goals.

About your Company

A little company background can be incredibly helpful. It helps the video production company understand your company voice, your brand, and your goals. Knowing these aspects provides the context for your video and helps the video company understand why it’s needed.

Purpose of your video

Why are you making a video? What do you need it to accomplish? The answers to these crucial questions are important and should be easy for you to answer. The purpose behind your video can determine a wide range of factors from format to video length. Also be sure to include what will constitute being successful in your purpose. What measures do you intend to use to determine success? And what is your anticipated return on investment?

Message of your video

What are the key messages that you need to come across in your video? People tend to only take one message, or maybe two, away from a video so its important that you be focused when determining your message. Better to be simple and deliver one message than having a complex message that may confuse audiences.

Call to Action

Determine what action you want audiences to take once the video is over. What action are you trying to inspire? This can be anything from visiting your website, to making a donation, to purchasing your product, etc. Letting the video production company know what action you hope to elicit will help them create a video that will achieve that goal.

Targeted audience

Knowing who your audience is crucial to effectively tailoring your message. Who you are trying to communicate to can change how the message is delivered, who delivers it, what methods you use, etc. For example if your audience is already supporters of yours then there is no need to explain your organisation in the video. If you are trying to attract a new audience than the reverse would be true.

Your concept

If you already have an idea for how the video should be executed than include it. Or if you know where it should be filmed, who should be filmed, etc then include these details as well. The more information you can give to the video production company about what you want the better.

The final details for your video production brief

The final important things to include are the details that help the video production company properly form a tangible plan. If you have a strict deadline or a general idea of when you would like to have you finished product done by then include that information. Be sure to be clear about the budget you have for you video as this helps to determine boundaries to the project. Lastly include where you want this video to be used (i.e. online, social media, training staff, etc). This can help determine the format and tone of the project.

A video production brief is your opportunity to qualify the motivations behind this video and solidify your own understanding of this video project. Through this work, video production companies will be able to offer you a realistic quote that brings to life all of your ideas.

Whether you’ve written a video production brief or in the process of creating one, please reach out to us at for any help.