Create an Emotional Connection

17.06.2015 Video Marketing
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

These days it seems like we’re being inundated with video, which isn’t surprising considering that over 64% of today’s internet usage is estimated to be video. Consequently video has not only become a good tool, but an important one. Furthermore with the mass amount of video on the web it is vital to differentiate your video from the masses. One of the most effective and powerful tools at your disposal is to create an emotional connection with your audience. Rather than relying on the facts, give the audience something else to relate to. While creating an authentic emotional connection that resonates with your audience can be difficult it can be worth it. But what benefits are there to creating an emotional connection? Why would you want to?

Humanise your organisation through video production

When you work to relate to your audience, you humanise your brand. While your organisation is not an actual person, through engaging your audience emotionally you can attribute human characteristics to it. This helps the audience to identify your brand and become attached to it. This attachment can translate into more leads, more loyalty and greater customer engagement.

Emotional videos create a relationship

With the humanisation of your organisation, audiences will begin to cultivate a relationship with your brand. Rather than being an organisation that accomplishes XYZ, you become the brand that cares or insert other desirable adjective here. This helps to increase customer loyalty. Through emotion you can bring stories to life, which help to build long-term relationships with your audiences.

Resonates with your audience

When you elicit an emotional response from your audience, your video is going to stay with them long past it finishes. Emotions cannot just be turned off like a video can, so the effects and message of your video can have a longer life when you engage emotionally. Making an emotional connection with your audience is a powerful way to resonate and deliver your message. When you connect with an audience’s’ emotions the effects don’t finish when the video does.

Inspires Action

People tend to make decisions based on emotions and use logic to justify it. So an emotional connection can inspire strong and committed engagement from your audience. This powerful response can then motivate action. This action can be determined by you and represented in your video whether it be donation or recruitment or awareness focused. Furthermore when your audiences connects to your video, they will feel strongly enough about it to share the video with others. This in turn can increase your audience and the value of your video.

Regardless of the purpose behind your video, whether it be awareness, recruitment, fundraising, etc, an emotional connection will only strengthen your video.

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