Video for Internal Communications

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Most of our blog posts have been on how video is a great tool for reaching customers. However, there’s one big area of growth for online video that’s often overlooked: internal communications.

Many companies, in particular larger ones, have now adopted online video as a way of delivering key message among their often globally distributed workforce.

These videos come in a number of shapes and forms. Here’s an overview on a couple of typical ones:

Concept Videos. Many of today’s businesses thrive on innovation. Vast sums are spent on inventing the next big thing – yet the most difficult part is often not generating the idea – but get traction for it; bringing it to life; convincing stakeholders within the company. What traditionally had been done via slide shows (some good, some bad) is now increasingly conveyed with video. Such concept videos can be produced very efficiently and they get an idea across in a convincing and involving manner

Staff Tutorials. Large companies typically have a sizable number of internal systems and procedures. What’s more, these systems change frequently. While emails and intranet sites can be used to inform employees – it’s hard to beat a quick video that talks a staff member through the changes – making sure the message doesn’t get lost in a flood of internal email. These tutorial videos can now be easily hosted on intranets.

Culture & Vision Films. Video with its great potential to reach people on an emotional, affective level is well suited to convey the culture and unique vision of a company’s leadership. Speaking straight to camera or sharing personal stories and perspectives, leaders more and more rally the workforce around their vision through online videos.

Dr. Jens Riegelsberger

User Experience Researcher

(Guest Contributer)

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