Why Your Charity Needs Animation

03.07.2015 Animation
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

With numerous good causes to support, its vital that your charity cut through the noise and made an impact. Where once video production itself was enough to help you stand out, more and more charities are using it too. Now you need to innovative, creative and different to get the best return on your investment from your video. Capture attention by breaking the mould and showing something different. Especially with charities there is always going to be heartbreaking live-action footage to show. To stand out from the crowd by using a different medium, your charity needs animation.

Animation is Fun and Different

Animation immediately instills a sense of fun and joy in viewers. It evokes emotions of nostalgia as animation reminds us of our childhoods in front of cartoons on the telly. However animation can be fun without losing the impact of the desired message. Animation can be a great way to inject a little light-heartedness into your message, while still helping you stand out from the crowd. Animation is still in the minority for videos, so regardless of how you employ it animation will stand out.

Informative Video Production

What makes animation so attractive is its ability to relay large amounts of facts or information without it being an uninteresting video. Animation can make information visually exciting and interesting. Moreover animation can convey complex information in an easily understandable way regardless of your intended audience.

Impactful Videos

While live-action and talking heads can have their value, sometimes you need more than words to explain something. This is where animation can help, it provides you with a visual metaphor that can have a greater impact than just words can. Moreover animation sparks the imagination which helps to create a longer lasting impression.


With animation you don’t solely get to define and create the message, but you can create the entire animated world of your video. You control what it looks like from the style to the colours, along with who is in it and what form they take. Without physical boundaries or the same budget restrictions as live-action videos, there are no limits on animation. This ensures that the video is perfectly tailored to your charity and your message.

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