What is a Video Producer?

08.07.2015 Video Production
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Producers make video production happen

What is a video producer? Video producers are the ones who connect your video production concept to a finished product. Starting with your idea and requirements, video producers take on the rest of the work. Video producers oversee everything in the process from casting, scripting, filming, edits, etc.

Professional and Quality Video Production

With the ease and accessibility of technology, organisation’s often try to tackle video production on their own. But there is a lot more to video production than filming and editing it together. A video producer brings professionalism, experience and quality. They ensure that your finished product not only meets your specifications but is of the utmost quality and able to compete with your competitors.

The video production process (What video producers do)

video producer

A lot goes into being a video producer. They are not only responsible for filming your video, but ensuring that the video delivers your organisation’s goals. Collaboration is key between your video production company, your video producer, and you. Depending on the project, a video director is sometimes needed to help with the visual and creative aspects of the video.

Starting with Pre Production, Video Producers:

  • agree with you on the video production brief (what you want from your video)
  • source the content
  • ensure the fulfilment of the goals of your video
  • make the schedule and timeline
  • source the crew and talent

In Production, Video Producers:

  • ensure everything goes to plan
  • oversees the entire production
  • liaise across the team to make sure everyone is doing their job
  • communicate with you, the client, on updates and issues

Post-production involves:

  • managing the editors, designers and animators
  • guiding and overseeing the shaping of the content
  • ensuring that the timeline is upheld

Lastly in Delivery:

Make sure that everything is delivered as per the video production brief

Video Storytelling with your Video Producer

One of the most important roles of a video producer, is that of a video storyteller. Video producers help you to create your story, then they are the ones that tell it through video. Storytelling is vital for connecting and resonating with your audiences. Video producers through their talent, skills and experience can effectively tell your video’s story and ensure your video’s success.

Award winning film producers

Here at Kartoffel Films our crews have won 18 awards, and since our start three years ago we have been involved in hundreds of productions. Our creative team and talented video producers can bring your story to life and truly engage your audience.

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