Student Recruitment Strategies

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

University student recruitment has become evermore important in the face of rising tuition, and stricter international student regulations. You not only want to convince prospective students to apply, but moreover to choose your university from all their options. This means you not only need to interest students, but communicate your university’s value. This makes student recruitment strategies critical to success. Video can be a powerful tool in this process as it allows universities to simultaneously engage, showcase, and inform your key audiences.

The following are some student recruitment strategies with video that will help you achieve your recruitment goals.

University Student Recruitment Videos

While university student recruitment videos are widely used, they are not all equally effective. Foremost it is important to focus on your audience and address their interests and concerns in your video. To be effective your video needs to be authentic and believable. You want to share a sincere and true look into life at your university to give potential students an idea of what to expect. Give your audience a chance to connect with that, and start to imagine themselves there. That’s how you can engage your audience and drive recruitment.

Recruit students by thinking like a student

To recruit students effectively you must think like a prospective student. What would you want to know? What information would affect your decision? What would interest you? What would be the most important factors in your decision? When you determine what would motivate students to choose your university then you can better target and connect with them.

Be focused with your student recruitment message

In order to properly deliver your recruitment message and connect with prospective students it is vital to be targeted and focused. Without a clear message your video loses effectiveness. Moreover through focusing your student recruitment message, you are better able to truly represent your university’s unique character and offerings. In this focused message you can choose to delve into the faculty, the students, and opportunities your institution will create for students.

Recruiting International Students

International student recruitment needs to treated differently than domestic student recruitment. These students are not just investing in an education but a whole new life, so they need to assured that the money and upheaval will be worth it. Show them that your university is more than the classroom, that you will provide them the support they need to make a life in a new country.