Video Storytelling

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Particularly with online videos, video storytelling is increasing in popularity and importance. The reason why – because video storytelling works. Videos that share an engaging story are not only more likely to be shared but they are more likely to motivate action and be remembered.

What is a storytelling video?

Video storytelling is when you use a narrative to structure your video. This gives the audience a story to follow and invest in. The reason storytelling videos are so effective is because stories are familiar to audiences. From childhood we are taught to listen and engage with them, so employing them is an effective way to evoke emotion and connection.

Video Storytelling Tips

Storytelling in your videos can make an immense difference and yield great benefits. However to get these results, it must be employed properly. Here are some video storytelling tips to help:

Be engaging – with decreasing attention spans it is more important than ever to engage viewers immediately to ensure they continue watching. Video storytelling is great way to quickly engage and elicit an emotional response.

Be focused – don’t try to include too much into your storytelling video. Be focused and clear. Devote the few minutes of your video to a coherent and clear narrative and don’t get bogged down in too much detail.

Be visual – To have an effective story, make sure that you tie together the visual and audio components. This will engage and interest your audience, and ensure they act upon your call to action.

Nonprofit Storytelling

Nonprofit storytelling in particular can be immensely effective. The third sector benefits most when it can emotionally engage with its audiences. Nonprofit storytelling is an effective tool for this as it provides the structure and opportunity to elicit an emotional connection. Storytelling is a great way for the third sector to move away from facts and figures, and use real stories to show the importance of their work. This is what drives connection and action.

Through creating a narrative, video storytelling brings your video to life and gives the audience a story to follow and invest in. This creates a more interesting, compelling and engaging video. For help creating your own storytelling video please contact Kartoffel Films at to get started.