How to Make Animation Videos

31.07.2015 Animation
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Animation gives you the freedom to create whatever world you would like to deliver your message. The only limits are your imagination. With animation you don’t just get to be different you also get to be innovative and creative. To stand out from the crowd, and get a great ROI, you’ve decided to try animation. But knowing how to make animation videos that deliver can be a challenge. So what comes next? How do you make animation videos?

Create animation

First you need to have a concept – an idea of what you want to create with animation. It doesn’t need to be specific. Just have an idea of the message you want to communicate, what you want to accomplish with the film and a general sense stylistically of what you want. For example if your audience is a professional one than stylistically you would want something clean and simple as opposed to a cartoony style. To create animation, just like with any video creation, you need to start with a general idea of what you want.

Animation production services

Once you have a concept, you need to move onto the actual logistics of creating an animation video. This can be an intensive and stressful process so save yourself the headache and hire a video agency with animation production services. This ensures that the video agency does all the heavy lifting and organising. Animation production services mean that you relay your concept and the video agency will connect that concept to a completed animation video.

Make an Animation Video

To make an animation video, you need to collaborate closely with your video agency. Part of this collaboration includes first creating a moodboard and style frames. This is to ensure that the style of the animation suits your requirements and brand identity.

Once these have been agreed on then there is the creation of a storyboard. Storyboards are an essential aspect of pre-production especially with animation. This allows both you, the clients, and the video production team to visualise the video and to ensure all are on the same page. No matter what you do, each person will interpret a script differently which is why storyboards are vital to create a common understanding. This is your chance to make any big changes to concept, script, visuals, etc. Once past this stage it gets increasingly difficult and expensive to make any changes.

Here’s an example of a storyboard we did for the above Stroke Association animation video:

how to make animation videos

With the storyboard complete, the animator can get started on the film itself. Using a guide voiceover, for timing, they create the animation video based on the storyboard. When the animator is done creating the visuals of the animation, the voiceover and sound design takes place. After all this you are done and you have your animation video.

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