Inspirational Video

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

With an abundance of video to compete with it is more important than ever to ensure the resonance of your video with your audiences. The most effective way to connect with your audience is through emotion. You want the audience to feel connected to your message, and inspire action in them. Inspirational videos can be an effective tool to connect audiences to your cause and motivate action. Creating an inspirational video however can be a difficult task, here is what you need to know.

Emotional Video

A large part of creating a successful inspirational video is creating an emotional connection with the audience. It is this emotion that pushes the inspiration and motivates the audience into action. People tend to make decisions based on emotions and use logic to justify it. An emotional video gives your audience something to relate to instead of cold facts and figures. This helps the audience connect to your video’s message. Making an emotional connection with your audience is a powerful way to resonate and deliver your message.

Motivational inspirational videos

This connection tends to last longer than your video. Emotion cannot just be turned off, it lingers which gives the message of your video a longer life. It is this emotion that will motivate and inspire action. Through your messaging you can determine what action you would like to inspire whether it be awareness or fundraising based or something else! Moreover when your motivational inspirational video connects enough with audiences they will be motivated to share the video with others thus increasing your audience and the value of your video.

Good inspirational videos

Good inspirational videos do not only elicit an emotional connection from your audience they also motivate action. To be successful in motivating action you need to be targeted and strategic. This involves knowing your target audience, and how to best deliver messages to them. Be specific and clear with your call to action. You want to make it as easy as possible for the audience to follow through on your good inspirational video.

Inspiring Videos

While it can be a challenge to create inspiring videos that connect with audiences it is well worth the effort. To be successful inspiring videos need to be sincere and genuine, audiences can sense ingenuity and that will not inspire action. Give audiences a chance to connect with your cause and you message. Creating an inspiring video will yield great benefits for your organisation.