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Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Pay-per-click was a big revolution in online advertising about 10 years ago. The simple idea that advertisers only pay of the online ads that get clicked had many benefits: it lowered the risk for the advertiser, but importantly, it also created an incentive to make ads that are useful in the first place – and to show them in a context where they make sense to users – as only those ads have a chance of being clicked.

Now we are seeing the beginning of a similar revolution for online video ads. If you think about it, the challenge is the same: no-one likes being interrupted for a boring video – but we all like fun and exciting ads (we might even share them).

Google has launched AdWords for Video. This allows you to publish your video ads on YouTube but also across Google’s Diplay Network (a set of sites that reaches the vast majority of the online user population).

What’s really exciting here is that you only pay if users actually watch the video. So it’s low risk for you as a advertiser. However, it also puts specific demands on your video ad: it needs to capture your target audience within the first couple of seconds, as they’ll otherwise skip it. The good news is, there are tools easily to measure how your video is doing.

So, the more involving and on-target your video is, the more likely it’ll be watched, and the more effective it will be. Video ads can now be measured and billed to similar standards as online ads.

Your ad spending becomes less risky, but you need to invest more in the quality of your video. Like in AdWords, it’s now not only about who spends more, but who’s more relevant and who’s got better creative.

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