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Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

We’re a little bit like 1950s housewives. By that I don’t mean that we’re wearing pastel coloured dresses and glasses with prominent, pointy frames swooning over Elvis all day, twitching curtains and gossiping. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

No, I mean that much like a housewife, we at Kartoffel HQ spend our days working away and in the evening, when the husband comes home, all the magic is done and he is presented with a sparkly dustfree house, washed children and a three course meal.

Just that our kids, furniture and delicious dinners are lovely videos and our clients are our husbands, figuratively speaking. Some of our ‘husbands’ are new to video production, but some of them have done it many times before. We have noticed that a lot of them when they first work with us have no idea what goes on behind the scenes – a lot of people out there think video production is black magic.

Video production? Oooooh….tricky tricky. No, I don’t bother trying to understand how it works. And animation? ? Don’t even go there.

But you know what? We want to put an end to that. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to explain in this very blog how to make a video from a client point of view. What do you need to know, what is possible in video production and what isn’t or rather should we say what is possible within a certain budget and what isn’t. We’ll tell you how to get the best video money can buy for your purpose, and we’ll tell you how to make sure it reaches the audience you want.

And we promise: it’s not rocket science. Just watch this space!

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