Tweet Video With Vine

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Once again, the social media world trembles with excitement: twitter has launched a standalone video-sharing app for iPhone called Vine. There have been video options available before on twitter but none so simple to use and so embedded in the experience. But here’s the catch…or is it? Vine allows you to upload no more than 6 seconds of video, edited very simply and without sound on your iphone live.

Given that these days pretty much every man and his dog are equipped with a high end full hd recording device, happily tweeting, blogging, facebooking away, its appeal is rather obvious.

From sharing personal stories to marketing to events to journalism, activism, political movements, the ability to watch our world in motion and be a part of it – you can do it all at the touch of a few buttons or swipe of screens.

But how much can you really say in 6 seconds? Let’s put it this way: not too long ago, most people didn’t think it was possible to communicate an awful lot in 140 characters. Considering the continuing decline of viewers’ attention spans, this could revolutionise the way we use video. It’s not for everything and everyone, true, but shorter stories have been told and we can instantly think of a few applications. The local retailer showing their current special deals. An absent lover sending their affection. How to poach an egg.

In any case, we suspect two things are certain: porn and cat videos. We can’t help you with the former, but we like the cats.

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