360 Video and What it Means for You

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

360 video

Thanks to recent technological developments, 360° video is becoming increasingly accessible. Not only is 360 video becoming more achievable both financially and technologically, but it is also more mobile/accessible thanks to our smartphones. Now you can be on the train and at the bottom of the ocean at the same time. Most of all though it is the many different and new ways that 360 video can be used that has people interested. It is opening up a whole new way to engage your audiences.

What is 360 degree video?

Simply put 360 degree video is a recording that allows you to see 360 degrees around. Think of a 360 degree video as what you would see if you were present in the shot. If you were there you could turn your head to see behind you, or look to the sky or look down. 360 degree video gives the viewer the opportunity to truly see themselves in a setting of your choice and this makes 360 degree video a valuable tool.

Why 360 video is not Virtual Reality

While 360 video and virtual reality are related they are not the same. A 360 video gives the viewer the chance to look around, but it is a limited freedom. The video is pre-recorded, and has a linear progression. This means that the viewer can choose which angle to look at, but not to walk in a different direction. With 360 video you cannot control or explore the environment further which is what you can do through virtual reality.

Immersive video

360 video provides the great opportunity to create an immersive brand experience for your audience. Through 360 video you create an immersive video where the viewer is transported into a 1st hand experience that helps them better understand a product, service or environment. This can be used in a multitude of ways from bringing a viewer on a tour of a hotel, or showing them what it’s like to visit a refugee camp. Immersive video is your opportunity to engage with audiences and create a memorable and valuable experience for them.

Using 360 video

This is a developing and growing technique which means that there is high potential for creativity and innovation. Moreover its growth is further supported by the two largest video hosts on the Internet – Youtube and Facebook. In fact both host 360 video communities to feature the latest in 360 video, and connect people to new developments.

As a fairly new addition to the video marketing realm, the opportunities for 360° video are endless. But just like any other video, to maximise 360 video’s potential the film must be goal-oriented and have a targeted audience in mind. Not every story works in 360, so make sure that you are strategic about its use.


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