Product Video Production – Bike lovers, this one’s for you

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director


We’re all for travelling light, especially on a bike. Like a well known retailer says, every little helps, and by that we can only assume that they mean ‘the more of your crap you leave at home, the faster you’ll get to the pub/work/wherever.

This is all nice and well, until you end up with a puncture and you wish you had lugged your spanner, tyre levers and whatever else is in your bike tool kit around with you.

So what to do in times of despair? That’s right, we’re here to help and our solution to the dilemma is this: you CAN in fact cycle light AND have your tools with you. And – and this is a bonus – look amazingly cool at the same time. “How is that?”, we hear you say.

Well…the good people at Full Windsor have come up with yet another genius device. It’s called the Nutter and having been given a glimpse of what it can do we wouldn’t be surprised if it even does your hoovering. So why you haven’t heard of this thing before? Because it doesn’t exist…yet. Or rather, it does, as a fully functioning prototype waiting to go into mass production. But any new business venture, even the most genius one, requires a bit of cash upfront which Full Windsor should hopefully be able to raise thanks to startup crowd funding site Kickstarter. And as a video tells way more than 250 badly written blog post words, here’s a demo video we made to show you just what the Nutter is about.

Support the Nutter here: The Nutter

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