Virtual Reality Charity Video Examples

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Virtual reality charity videos can be an effective way to engage your audience in the work you do, as it creates participants rather than viewers. More than this, virtual reality is able to help grow awareness and understanding of your cause. It can expose the audience to the harsh realities and untold stories that are usually hidden from view. Below are a few virtual reality charity examples that do just this:

The National Autistic Society

This virtual reality charity video was created to show a non-autistic audience what living with autism is like. By putting the audience in the shoes of an autistic child, this video clearly illustrates the hardships and challenges that individuals with autism face everyday. This video helps to spread awareness of autism and understanding.


Created to tell the story of those who often don’t get the chance to be seen or heard from, Clouds of Sidra tells the story of  young Syrian refugee girl. This film draws attention to the Syrian refugee crisis by connecting the audience in an innovative way to the struggles of a real refugee.

Terre des Hommes

This film makes a hidden form of slavery visible to an entire audience. Using the fictional story of a young girl, the film shows the audience how easy it is for young children to be taken advantage of. The film follows a typical day in her life, which illustrates how hard and unjust her treatment is.