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15.01.2017 Animation
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Animation films are an incredibly effective way of communicating complex concepts in an understandable way. This makes animation ideal for use in the healthcare sector. Within the healthcare sector there are constant changes, advancements and breakthroughs. So there is always new information to share, and a continuous stream of questions and concerns from both healthcare professionals and patients. Animation is a great tool to address this as it can easily convey difficult concepts to both general and educated audiences.

Healthcare animation

Animation can be a powerful tool for connecting with your audience, and creating understanding. When it comes to healthcare animation, the video production needs to be precise and concise. Audiences need to get the right information in a clear and easy to understand way.

Through animation you can depict the undepictable. An animation can show inside the body, it can show how treatments affects your cells – the options are limitless. Since much of healthcare involves what cannot be seen, animation videos are uniquely qualified to clearly communicate these healthcare concepts. Animation can show audiences what they cannot see, and create an understanding of it.

Video can be a powerful tool if it has direction and an objective, and the same applies to healthcare animations. While it may be tempting to create one film to fit all audiences, this will not be effective.  Especially within the healthcare sector, there is a vast difference in vocabulary between different audiences. For example with healthcare professionals it is appropriate to use technical medical jargon, while this same vocabulary would not work for patients. These audiences are different, so it important to address them differently. The videos below are a great example of this; both videos were made to promote the same healthcare product but one is geared towards professionals and the other patients.

Healthcare Animations for Professionals

Healthcare animation videos created for professionals can have immense value. They can be used to update professionals on best practices ensuring consistency across the nation. Or animation can be used to introduce and instruct on new procedures. There are numerous possibilities.

The advantage of animation for professionals is that it creates an easy to understand and easily digestible film. This is vital for healthcare professionals as they do not often have much time to spare, and simply want the relevant information as succinctly as possible.

Healthcare Animations for Patients

There is a complexity to healthcare services and products, that can be difficult for patients to understand. This creates a need within the healthcare sector for clear communication of easily understood information. Animation is a great tool to accomplish this.

With animation you can take complex healthcare practices, products or issues and make them easy to understand for a non-medically educated audience. Through a simple explanation of a complicated concept, healthcare animations can connect and engage with your audience. By engaging your audience, you create active patients who can become better communicators about their healthcare concerns.

Healthcare animation videos can also reassure patients by simplifying and clarifying procedures and practices. Oftentimes procedures which may be routine for healthcare professionals, are not routine for the patient and can be scary for them. An animation video can clearly demonstrate the procedure and the reasons behind it. Within just a few minutes a patient can be informed and reassured. Fear is often the result the unknown.

Healthcare patients are becoming increasingly informed and aware of healthcare services. This has created a base that is eager to learn more about their healthcare options. Animation videos can help to connect with this audience, and ensure understanding.

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