Online Animation for Macmillan Cancer Support

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

We like a challenge, but have you ever tried to film red blood cells floating around in a body?We like to think we’re a decent enough video production company, but we’re also reasonably sensible so when the charity Macmillan Cancer Support asked for our help on a rich media project for young adults about the blood system we were secretly quite relieved that the result was going to be an animation. Lighting the lungs would have been quite tricky on film, but thanks to the magic of animation this was not to be an issue.Add a little bit of sound design and it’s almost like you’re really there.Joking aside, we hope that our work helps teens and young adults -who this online animation is for- understand the blood system and how cancer affects it.You can see it in application here on the Macmillan website!

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