Online Video Production Costs

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

On our crusade to making corporate online video production as easy peasy as as lemon squeezy, we thought we’d better follow on from our what is colour grading blog post a little while ago with the question that comes up every time.

The million dollar question in video production that pops up all the time is what is the price of video production.

Luckily, the answer isn’t a million dollars in most cases but the answer is not as straightforward as you and we’d wish.

Why? Think of it as similar to clothes shopping. Walk into any big shop and ask ‘how much is a dress?’, and the replies you’ll get will be vastly different. It’ll depend on the material, the level of complexity (do you want lace and ruffles with that?), who worked on it and where you shop. You can buy one for a fiver Primark, but it’ll be different from one for £5,000 in Harrods.

The cost of a video or animation depends on a wide variety of factors, including quality, customisation and detail, equipment, complexity and crew experience level. You’ll most likely be able to get a student to make you a video for £3.50, but will it look the same as a professional piece of work, shot on professional kit and by people who have years of experience? We’ll let you decide that.

Having said that, depending on available budgets there are always different options to shoot a video. Just using different equipment on two otherwise identical shoots can make a huge difference to the cost, so it’s always good to give your chosen production company a very rough budget to work with or if you really have no idea what your budget might be then it really helps to show your selected video production house example videos of the look and style you like. Any good company will then be able to give you a proposal that will suit your particular needs and budget.

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