Training Video Production – The Production Process

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

So… you have taken the decision to spice up your training and development programme with some highly entertaining and engaging filmed content. And you’ve had a think about the content and objectives of the video – remembering of course to embrace your inner creative…

Now it’s time to get into production. Cue yours truly – the Kartoffel team, ready to guide you through the three steps of Pre-Production; Production and a Post (you’ve guessed it) Production.

In pre-production we will sit down with you to scope out the project and agree the project brief. This is where – following on from planning stage (see previous blog) and your objectives, you will also define other key factors such as budget, audience and timeframe. Should you be looking for further inspiration, we like collaborating on ideas, so we can help define how you would like the video to look and feel. How to best tell your story: including filming style; graphics; voiceover; narrative and animation. Any scripts / storyboards will be produced and signed off by you, the client. It is also at this stage, that for blended training programmes, we identify when and how the films will be incorporated into any other training interventions, for a seamless experience.

Any filmed scenes using actors are rehearsed before filming, or even moving into the studio, so that they may be shot ‘as live’ and most economically. And we encourage the client to be present to feedback on and calibrate performance and scripts.

At this point we are ready to move into Production. Locations, cast, presenters are sourced, and the film crew assembled. Typically this will involve a minimum team of two or three: camera operator, sound operator and producer/interviewer. But for more elaborate filming, we may some extra equipment and team members– boom jib, stuntmen, pyrotechnics…

But funnily enough this is not the norm. Once production is complete, we are ready for the post-production polish, and where the magic occurs. Firstly we produce a rough edit – a close reflection of the completed story, but a little rough round the edges. Once that is signed off, we can start work on a cleaner edit and polish, overlaying, sound, graphics and grading.

may also be created at this point – and depending on the style and type this can take a day to produce anywhere between 30 secs and 1 minute of film. Which might seem lengthy, but the results can be awesome, and offer up boundless possibilities. (Which certainly works for specific technical and health & safety skills training.

Then your training video production is ready – to inform, educate, engage and inspire your audience. Of course, that is never the end of a training and development process. Evaluation and sustainability is key. And we can help advise on measuring the success of the training and how it may be applied

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