7 Types of Video Content That Will Help Grow Your Brand in 2021

09.04.2021 Content Strategy
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

in 2021Video content is a marketing tool that comes in many formats. Brands have grown their reputation through everything from extravagant, cinema-worthy adverts to effectively branded simple video clips. This is part of the reason that Forbes predicts 82% of internet traffic will be video by 2022. The dexterity of video content is part of what has made it so essential in this modern era. And therefore, it can be difficult to discern which direction you should take when planning your next content strategy.

Predicting types of video marketing content that will not only work for your brand but will remain relevant for the foreseeable is not an easy task. And it is by no means a one-size-fits-all sort of scenario. Some video styles suit certain brands and industries more than others. Plus, predicting what the future holds can be a tricky task in general. After all, who saw 2020 coming?…

But we have created this list of video content styles that we believe will be prominent in 2021 and beyond regardless, in order to help guide those in need of inspiration. Here we go:


Fast becoming one of the most popular forms of marketing media, podcasts are an excellent format for creating episodic video content for your website in 2021. Audio media giant Spotify even lauded the format as the primary reason for its 24% increase in subscribers during 2020. Compliments don’t come much higher than that.

White earphones on a white background

Whilst they are often in an audio format, many podcasts are released as a video series (including ours at Kartoffel). This has two primary benefits. Firstly, if you create a podcast in video format it can be converted to audio further down the line. However, this obviously isn’t possible the other way around. This adds a certain versatility to your media that makes it adaptable to certain scenarios. And secondly, research has outlined the value of using human faces in marketing content, as it creates a trustworthy image. This image will allow for better connections between brand and audience – an invaluable asset in the world of digital marketing.

Another reason for podcasts’ increasing popularity is the interaction it allows for between the audience and the host. Whilst comment sections on blogs and social media also help, having comments mentioned within a follow up episode has more of a personal touch to it. In turn this will help build a loyal community around your brand. 57% of podcasts are discovered through word of mouth, so creating a popular podcast can help whip up brand hype.

And just in case you needed another reason to be convinced, podcasts are extremely easy to create. In theory, one could create a podcast with no more than a smartphone and the right software (although we recommend optimising your sound quality for best results).

For more insight into why this media newcomer is something your brand should invest in, read our blog on Podcasts and How to Get the Best Out of Them.


Often overlooked an underappreciated, animation is a form of video marketing that opens up a range of possibilities. Most video marketing strategies are restricted by budgets. However, with a talented team of animators under your wing the only limit to your campaign is your imagination. Animation doesn’t have to be in the form of a quirky cartoon either. Many businesses are using animation in their explainer videos to help convey their messaging in a sleek and stylish fashion. Picture infographics popping up on screen with relevant facts.

Animation’s power as a marketing tool is also backed up by the stats. Research shows that the format has the power to raise conversion rates by as much as 64%. On top of that, using animation in email communications can as much as double click rates.

Lady drawing on a tablet

The look and feel of an animated video both appeals to younger audiences and rouses nostalgia in older consumers. As well as this, their simplistic and often colourful styles make them unique and eye-catching. Styles vary from hand drawn classic looks to computer generated visuals to passionately constructed stop motion pieces. The variety on offer makes animation applicable to any brand. This and the fact that it can be created entirely within a COVID-safe studio setting are the reasons why it will prove a popular medium throughout 2021.

For more information, read our blog on Why Animation is a Great Video Marketing Medium.

Brand story videos

Audiences’ wants and needs are changing in this current market. People no longer want to be wowed with sales jargon and glitzy advertising. What’s truly valued now are the stories of our favourite brands. It gives consumers an insight into a company’s ethos and attitudes. It allows for a deeper, more meaningful connection and a means of humanising that which would otherwise be depicted as a mere concept.

Simply put, brand stories are a way of conveying your company’s values in a way that speaks to the audience. And it works. A survey has shown that 55% of people are more likely to buy a product down the line and 15% will buy it there and then if they are drawn in by a brand story. Plus, conveying information in a story format has proven 22x more memorable for an audience than standard facts.

As much as “About Us” pages can be an interesting read, audiences are more likely to be drawn in by a visual telling of how and why the brand is what it is. It will also make your story more shareable, thus helping to broaden your audience. This is why more and more brands are making video central to their marketing strategy. This begins with a brand story video.

For more help on creating a brand story video, read our blog on How to Grow a Brand Through Storytelling.

Documentary-style videos

As previously stipulated, we are now in an age where marketing video content is used as a story telling mechanism. People want to become emotionally invested in the companies that they love. How better to tap into an audience’s emotions than a good story? This is why documentaries are fast becoming a popular form of video marketing content.

Classic Canon video camera

Whilst the demand for short, snappy video content is definitely on the grow in 2021, this doesn’t negate the need for longer, in-depth pieces. Documentary style videos help to fill this gap. They allow you to portray your company and what it provides through real-life stories, instantly making your brand more relatable.

Documentary style content also helps a brand display how they care for their audience and the community as a whole. Research shows that CSR – or corporate social responsibility – is responsible for 40% of a company’s reputation. This shows just how people care as much about what a brand represents as they do about what it provides. And living in a time when a lot of societal flaws are being brought to the fore, this has become an essential time to prove that your company is stood on the right side of history.  This is near impossible to depict during a minute long snippet. Which is why using a documentary is an excellent vehicle for carrying your brand in the right direction in 2021 and beyond.

Video testimonials

Another form of video marketing content that helps humanise a brand, testimonials are a proven branding mechanism. Having other customers justify and compliment a brand through a testimonial is an example of social proof in operation. Social proof is a content marketing psychology theory that suggests people are more likely to trust a brand if they hear positive things about it from their peers. And it is a theory with statistical backing.

80% of Americans consult reviews and ratings before they purchase a product. Whilst this isn’t directly related to video testimonials, it does show the power of other people’s opinions. By publishing video footage of customers – or industry experts – complimenting your goods or services, you are more likely to gain the trust of potential customers. The video format also makes them perfect for sharing on social media. Because of this, video testimonials are fast becoming a popular video style in the world of digital marketing. And it is a trend that we see continuing well into 2021 and beyond.

For more tips on video testimonials, read our blog on Video Testimonials and Why They Are Great.

Augmented reality (AR)

If you are wondering what the future holds for video marketing content, augmented reality is probably the answer. An interactive experience that merges the real world with the digital, it is sure to open up a whole universe of exciting new opportunities. Picture touring fictional worlds or testing products from the comfort of your own home. It is an immersive experience that has only just begun to reveal its true potential. Companies currently use AR for product demonstrations, virtual tours and brand experiences that really stand out from the crowd.

Man using AR headset

Almost 80% of professionals agree that AR will be a mainstream form of media within the next 4 years. However, only a handful of brands have truly taken AR on as a core feature of their marketing strategy. So, jumping on the bandwagon in 2021 could be a means of ensuring that your brand stays ahead of the curve.

For further insight into this new world format, read our blog on Using Video in Augmented Reality.

Frequently asked questions videos

FAQs have been a mainstay on company websites since the internet first became a hotbed of marketing content. Every site has a section of information that fills in the crucial facts about the brand and its products. However, with video’s rising popularity we have seen a lot of this content take the form of visual media.

Whilst FAQ videos may not be the most thrilling content that your company creates, they still serve an important purpose. In terms of the Hero, Hub, Hygiene video content model, FAQ videos fall within the Hygiene base of the triangle. This means that they fill gaps in your web content that would otherwise leave your audience wanting for a final piece of information that could lead to that all-important conversion. On top of this, Hygiene content helps improve your website’s SEO. This in turn will see you pop up in all the right places in front of all the right people.

Colourful question marks

As we see the online world shift further into the realms of video-domination, FAQ videos are likely to become an increasingly popular means of driving brand interest.

BONUS ENTRY – Video edited for social

This wasn’t included within the official list as it technically isn’t a type of video content in the same manner as the previous entries. However, optimising your video content for specific social media platforms has become an absolute must in 2021. Whether it be through the content’s dimensions, quality or timespan, optimising for each specific platform is a sure-fire way of helping reach your KPIs. This includes trimming content down to fit into a story feature (which over 400 million Instagram users interact with daily). And with 60% of social users reporting daily interactions with branded videos, social media is not a marketing platform that you want to miss out on.

For a more in-depth insight into the future of social, read the Kartoffel Films Guide to Video in Social Media in 2021.


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