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Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Content strategy… how to approach it

As we discussed in the previous blog on SEO for video, its key that you consider your content strategy from the very early stages of planning. This will ensure that you maximise visibility on the internet as well as successfully connecting with your target audience.

What’s your message? When said, what we mean is think about the purpose of your video. Is it a branding exercise, a call to action, information giving, or the start of a conversation? Whatever your aim, being clear about how you want your audience to feel, react and remember will ensure you keep on message and fulfil your objectives. Whatever the message, don’t underestimate the importance of value content.

And tell your story. People will engage with a respond to stories, more so than a string of facts. Bring in a ‘human element’ to the content, and you will be much more likely to prompt response from people. And in fact there are so many ways to interact with your audience, put them in the story, make them the hero.

Who’s the audience? Make sure you fully understand your target audience. What they want, need and expect from you. The next step being, understanding what language and method of communication they default to in order to find you. You can then make sure that you have a presence in these places and communicate with them in a language and method they understand. Build up your brand and presence in carefully selected social media platforms, as well as any other media channels.

How can you keep loyalty? With the time and investment spent on planning it is worthwhile thinking about the bigger picture. Their can be greater value in thinking long term, rather than dipping your toe in. Keep the story running, and create a consistent and familiar brand identity through repeated stories, and in different environments. This also helps inform future content and consistent improve SEO – keep familiar language and search terms, and you’ll keeo being found.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. One of the greatest advantages of the longer term planning is the ability to reuse your valuable content on different platforms, and in different ways. This supports a consistent approach, is an economic use of well-thought out and produced content, and helps ensure the message is heard clearly.

Remember – content is still king. And the primary concern for most SEO. So don’t skimp and save on content.

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