Video for Raising Funds – Charity Video Production

Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Using film to engage, motivate, inspire, give call to action, is no longer the privilege of large companies and big brand ad agencies. It is now a luxury that is available to everyone, and what’s more, with digital content being the fastest growing media – video consumption is growing at an exponential rate – it has never been more opportune to win hearts and minds and use the busy social forums to spread the word. After all Facebook alone has 665 million daily active users (as measured in March 2013.

The charity sector has benefited hugely from online fundraising forums – but has yet to fully exploit the use of film, which is now more affordable than ever before.

The trick is about reaching the specific audience that will connect with your charity. How to cut through the white noise of digital content and really attract attention? We think at Kartoffel that this can be achieved with some careful thought and clever planning, using these simple steps:

Tell your story.

Every charitable cause has a human story. It is stories that resonate and are remembered. And a story may be a brief encounter or an epic tale. But as long as it can evoke a picture in the minds of your audience, it should leave an indelible impression.

Be different.

Just take a little longer in creative planning of your content, and you can distinguish your message from other less imaginative methods of “Dig into your pockets.” Having told your story, give the ‘why’, it is so important to donate to your cause.

Be Seen.

Once you have created fantastic content, then make sure it is distributed through the most effective channels. SEO is key, and when done well, it can deliver significant return. Thinking about specific target sectors will hone your efforts and increase ROI.

Charity Video Raising funds

Get the most out of your content, and think about how you can reuse video in a whole variety of places and platforms.

Keeping in touch with your supporters is vital – encouraging loyalty and rewarding generosity. If your donors never hear from you again, then they are much less likely to support you in the future. Instead, you may use video to demonstrate just what their well-earned pennies have achieved.

With an imaginative approach, you could even make those donors the stars of your charity video production.

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