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13.01.2017 Animation
Eoin Dowdall
Creative Director

Creating an emotional connection with your audience is not exclusive to live action. Through animation you can also create an engaging and emotional story. When you use a story to communicate your message you create storytelling films that engage, resonate and motivate your audience to take action.

Storytelling Films

Storytelling films are when you use a narrative as the structure to your film. The stories you tell do not have to be complicated. They can be simple relatable stories that deliver important information, or a case-study’s experiences that creates awareness. The opportunities are endless.

Audiences respond to stories, they are familiar to us. From childhood, we are taught to listen and engage with stories.This means that a storytelling film can have real value in engaging your audience and evoking an emotional connection. The more absorbed the audience is in the film, the more they are connected to the message and the more likely they are to be motivated into action.

An engaging story can be more effective than the bare facts. While facts and figures can have immense value, they are not always the best choice to engage your audience. With a story you can connect with your audience, and create more of an impact on the audience.

Nonprofit storytelling

With nonprofit storytelling, organisations can move away from facts and figures and onto the stories that will connect with audiences. Audiences want to see the connection between their action and the impact they can make through your nonprofit organisation. Storytelling helps to connect these points for the audience, and emotionally connect them to your cause.

Animation Storytelling

Animation storytelling can be an effective and impactful way to share stories. And these stories can be just as real as stories told in live action. Authenticity is vital for effective storytelling.  Real stories have a depth and genuineness that is difficult to replicate. Animation gives you the freedom to best represent the story in a creative and engaging ways. The only limits to animation are your imagination.

Animation can be particularly effective tool to tell difficult or sensitive stories such as child abuse. This can create a forum for someone’s story to be shared when they want to keep the identity anonymous. Animation also allows you to represent their story in a nonlinear way, which can make it a better choice to share a complex story. To see some powerful examples of this click here

Through creating a narrative, video storytelling brings your video to life and gives the audience a story to follow and invest in.

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